Curb COVID-19 and Open the Economy


It’s a tough ask: opening workplaces again and fighting Covid-19 at the simultaneously… But it has to be done if we want to open the economy up again and save lives at the same time.

Under lockdown alert level 3 people can return to the workplace, granted that compliance to government regulation is in place. Under the regulations, the screening of any employee, at the time that they report for work must be done to ascertain whether they have any of the observable symptoms associated with COVID-19. This includes things like fever, cough, sore throat, redness of eyes or shortness of breath.

There’s no doubt that screening is essential to curb the spread of the virus in the workplace, and as a whole. But the way in which the screening is done leaves much to be desired. The process with pen and paper is slow, tedious, and trying. Fortunately, there’s a better way!

Introducing Swipe In App: the simplest and most efficient way to monitor access at the workplace.

Swipe In enables staff or visitors to any establishment a quick and painless sign-in. Entrants complete a brief digital questionnaire and log their temperature effortlessly. All recorded info is kept in a secure database with easy access should it be required by the authorities.

Let Staff in While Keeping COVID Out

The app can flag anyone who is deemed to be at “high risk” for Covid-19 immediately by an audio notification, should the person have failed either the questionnaire or the temperature reading. When this occurs, further assessment and testing is recommended. For even more efficiency and timesaving, the app is downloadable on mobile devices, that allows staff the ability to check-in, remotely, before their arrival to the office.

It’s ultimate all-round convenience. Swipe In provides convenient access for your visitors and staff, saving time and frustration while meeting the legislative requirements of the Labour Department.

The world has given your business enough challenges to deal with as it is. The sign-in process shouldn’t be one as well. So, don’t sign in – Swipe In.


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