Trading Raising_The_Bar_How_to_start_trading

How To Start Trading: An Introduction

Trading is a transaction that is expected to be shorter than three years. It isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. As a novice, when you start trading you need to forget about money-making for the first year or two. Set a goal to break-even, rather. Focus on protecting your…

Finance Tips Raising_The_Bar_What_is_payroll_accounting

What Is Payroll Accounting?

Payroll is a process that includes the recording of a company’s employee compensation. For every employee, contractor or freelance worker that is on the books of an organisation, there has to be record of how much they are to be compensated…

Trading Raising_The_Bar_How_to_start_trading_in_the_stock_market_from_home

How To Start Trading In The Stock Market From Home

For anyone interested in trading in the stock market from home, this has become much easier as a result of improving technology. Online share trading has made it easier. According to experts, this type of trading has proven to show the highest returns. This may be one of…

finance Raising_The_Bar_What_are_the_major_categories_of_financial_risk_for_a_company

What Are The Major Categories Of Financial Risk For A Company?

Any organisation has inherent risk involved in operating it. It’s for this reason that it’s so vital to have good risk management in place. There may be a number of factors that have an effect on the operational efficiency of a business entity. Without addressing the risks involved, there…

business Raising_The_Bar_The_true_cost_of_time_theft_for_your_business

The True Cost Of Time Theft For Your Business

Helen has been an employee at a firm for over five years. During this period she has developed close relationships with a number of her colleagues. Management has however had a few challenges with her late-coming behaviour as well as the lengthy…

Loans Raising_The_Bar_Things_to_consider_before_taking_a_loan

Things To Consider Before Taking A Loan

Applying for a loan is something that should be done only once an individual has taken some factors into account. One of the key factors is affordability. No lender will be willing to provide finance to a borrower who has no way of guaranteeing…

Finance Tips Raising_The_Bar_Five_great_lessons_you_can_learn_from_saving

Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Savings

Saving is a good way of protecting your financial future. By doing this regularly you are able to put a sufficient amount aside to create the kind of life you want. Being financially secure can be one way of establishing wealth-building behaviour. In addition to this, there are other lessons…

finance Raising_The_Bar_Secured_and_Unsecured_borrowing_explained

Secured And Unsecured Borrowing Explained

An important part of borrowing money from a lending institution involves knowing the different types of options available When you know the difference between secured and unsecured borrowing you are more likely to make informed decisions. What are secured loans? For Chad, who owns a…

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