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Technology Nashua Voice, Nashua, VoIP, Telephone Management System

Nashua Voice Introduced

Giant tech company Nashua made known the launch of a new integrated Nashua Voice over IP service. Nashua announced that it had introduced a new Internet Protocol-based telephony service to its portfolio of integrated services, called Nashua Voice. The company’s…

Technology Incredible Connection, Click&Collect, payment options, Live Support

Incredible Connection new website launched

Incredible Connection launched its new website aimed introducing new features that are bent on improving the site’s simplicity, ease of use, and accessibility.The new website is more efficient and user friendly than its predecessor. It guarantees consumers can find everything they…

Technology New Macbook, Apple, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, South Africa

New MacBook 12-inch hands-on

The new MacBook is a luminous bit of engineering that South Africa’s struggling currency has made it difficult to afford this gadget. The new 12-inch MacBook preview models arrived in the country, giving potential buyers a chance to test the device.

Technology 5G, Cell C, LTE, Digital Migration

Cell C targets 5G

Cell C has plans to position the rollout of its network to be able to implement fifth-generation mobile technology, or 5G. The company argued that the development will enable applications and new business models. In January, China based technology and…

Technology Telkom, MWEB, Vodacom, Cell C,

Internet services providers: Best and worst

The demand on internet use has grown in South Africa. This has prompted Internet services providers (ISPs) to introduce different data packages as means of luring clients to use their products. Competition is and has always been a common factor amongst…

Technology What’s the big fuss with 3D printing?

What’s the big fuss with 3D printing?

You would never say so, but like the cell phone and email, 3D printing has been around for a lot longer than we realise. It seems to be trending at the moment, and it’s something that people are talking more…

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