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business Raising_The_Bar_Financial_Tools_your_business_cant_live_without

Financial Tools Your Business Can’t Live Without

Technology has been useful for streamlining financial management. As a result, there are financial tools your business can’t live without. QuickBooks Best for small business accounting, this is a financial tool that has proven to be robust and flexible. Highly useful for making basic accounting…

business Raising_The_Bar_Will_The_ANC_recall_Zuma

Will The ANC Recall Zuma?

Jacob Zuma had since been recalled by the ANC at the Union Buildings in 2018. This was despite Zuma’s pleas for an extended stay at the Union Buildings. Early in the year of last year and it’s been a year now since Zuma was recalled. It…

business Raising_The_Bar_Will_President_Ramaphosa_save_South_African_power_utilities

Will President Ramaphosa Save South African Power Utilities?

In the recent 2019 budget speech, the minister of finance, Tito Mboweni wanted to make it clear that: the national government isn’t taking on Eskom’s debt. Eskom took on the debt. Mboweni also detailed the measures that government will undertake to assist Eskom to stabilise its finances. The…

business Raising_The_Bar_Will_Eskoms_debt_bring_SA_to_a_downfall

Will Eskom’s Debt Bring SA To A Downfall?

With terms like Eskom being “too big to fail” clearly Eskom is a huge power parastatal and with it not being back on track can have dire consequences for South Africa’s (SA’s) economy. Even economic predications for Eskom in 2019 have included that if SA doesn’t resolve the loadshedding…

business Raising_The_Bar_The_true_cost_of_time_theft_for_your_business

The True Cost Of Time Theft For Your Business

Helen has been an employee at a firm for over five years. During this period she has developed close relationships with a number of her colleagues. Management has however had a few challenges with her late-coming behaviour as well as the lengthy…

business Raising_The_Bar_Tripple_bottom_line_where_does_CSI_fit_in

Triple Bottom Line- Where Does CSI Fit In?

The ways in which companies operate has changed significantly in recent years. With more emphasis put on environmental impact as well as the effects on communities, organisations have a lot more responsibility in terms what they are accountable for. Scandals such as the…

business Raising_The_Bar_CSI_has_the_potential_to_attract_investments

CSI Has The Potential To Attract Investment- Here’s How

Corporate social investment is about using an organisation’s resources for uplifting communities. It helps for building a reputation as a responsible company, which works in its favour for retaining customers or even attracting investors. It’s important to create a CSI strategy that is well-planned. Part of…

business Raising_The_Bar_How_much_should_be_invested_in_CSI

How Much Should Be Invested In CSI?

CSI is a form of corporate social responsibility and involves an allocation of resources towards improving the world around the business, without a direct financial benefit to the company. CSI is about making a positive impact and it aims to do good. When…

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