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finance raising_the_bar_the_millennials_guide_to_saving_money

The millennial’s guide to saving money

A millennial’s guide to saving money can go a long way toward changing the spending habits of young people globally. Research has shown that most millennial’s have little, to no savings, which is quite concerning no matter which way you look at it.  Budget effectively…

finance Raising_the_bar_Mtn_launches_AI_Service

MTN Launches First AI Service for Mobile Money

MTN is a leading network provider with extensive experience within South Africa and across the African continent. As an authorised FSP, the company not only offers mobile solutions for subscribers but also offers additional services such as insurance. The company…

finance Raising_The_Bar_top_performing_savings_accounts

Top Performing Savings Accounts In South Africa

Capitec global one- The Capitec global one is mostly popular for its low minimum investment and high interest return. Customers can put a minimum of R25 as deposit, and they are likely to receive an interest of between 5.1%-9.25%. The Capitec…

finance Raising_The_Bar_Top_3_payroll_systems

Top 3 Payroll Sytems To Use For Corporate Companies

Quickbook Pro This payroll system is mostly used for inventory management and invoices. Businesses like using it because it has many integrations available. These integrations include employee self-service portal, and affordability for small businesses. It is the most popular because of its advanced tools that users need to fully automate the…

finance Raising_The_Bar_Debt_review_explained

Debt Review Explained

For Winston, who is undergoing the process for the first time, understanding how debt review works is key. It’s a solution targeted at individuals or consumers like him, who have too much debt to their names and cannot maintain their debt obligations. It was introduced with the…

finance Raising_The_Bar_Will_the_pension_fund_increase_in_2019

Will The Pension Fund Increase In 2019?

The 2018 Mercer pension index found that South Africans receive on average the lowest income in retirement among countries with a functioning pension system. That along with a strained economic environment with already low levels of savings where consumers are feeling…

finance Raising_The_Bar_Why_choose_Credit_Analyst

Why Choose Credit Analyst

If you’re one to shoulder the kind of responsibility as assessing a loan applicant’s creditworthiness whether for big loans of a person wanting to get a house, make a loan or an investment. And you’re not just always a yes man or woman and you don’t mind…

finance Raising_The_Bar_What_is_a_creditworthy_score

What Is A Creditworthy Score?

The first step in assessing your creditworthy score is to find out your credit score. Your credit score is an indication of how risky you are to lenders. This score takes into account any defaults or outstanding payments you have under your…

finance Raising_The_Bar_What_are_the_major_categories_of_financial_risk_for_a_company

What Are The Major Categories Of Financial Risk For A Company?

Any organisation has inherent risk involved in operating it. It’s for this reason that it’s so vital to have good risk management in place. There may be a number of factors that have an effect on the operational efficiency of a business entity. Without addressing the risks involved, there…

finance Raising_The_Bar_Secured_and_Unsecured_borrowing_explained

Secured And Unsecured Borrowing Explained

An important part of borrowing money from a lending institution involves knowing the different types of options available When you know the difference between secured and unsecured borrowing you are more likely to make informed decisions. What are secured loans? For Chad, who owns a…

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