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Top 5 Financing Institutions In South Africa

Top 5 financing institutions in South Africa A financial institution is an establishment that conducts financial transactions such as investments, loans and deposits. Almost everyone deals with financial institutions on a regular basis. Everything from depositing money to taking out…

finance Easy_solution_for_your_payment_needs

Easy solutions for your payment needs

Every day when we’re purchasing we require a sort of payment method. This is a way that a buyer chooses to compensate the seller of a good or service that’s also acceptable to the seller.   Typical payment methods used in a modern…


How To Protect Bank Accounts In Bankruptcy

How to protect bank accounts in bankruptcy No one would think of a bank going into bankruptcy as it was never considered a bank could fail because of the philosophy too “big to fail”. “Big” (in terms of value of…

finance Raising_the_Bar_Credit_worthiness_report

Credit worthiness report

When you extend credit to customers, you’re essentially providing them with a loan equal to the amount of their purchases.  And this is where a credit worthiness report would come into play.  If an individual submits an application for credit,…

finance Raising_the_Bar_Credit_worthiness_examples

Credit worthiness examples

Having an account for a line of credit can help determine your credit worthiness this can include the obvious account like a credit card. Or the not so conventional, a direct sales account for example if you’re an Avon sales representative that sells cosmetics…

finance Raising_the_bar_The_importance_of_liquidity_in_the_financial_system

The importance of liquidity in the financial system

Liquidity measures the ease of converting assets into cash. While stocks and bonds are relatively easy to liquidate, cash is the most liquid asset.  Most liquid assets held by banks are in the form of cash deposits. This is determined by supply and…

finance Raising_the_bar_The_ratios_for_understanding_bank_rating_and_creditworthiness

The ratios for understanding bank rating and creditworthiness

As a business owner, the need to understand bank rating and creditworthiness can’t be underestimated. Banking institutions consider a wide range of quantitative and qualitative factors before deciding whether to grant credit or not.  Key ratios to look into include:  Debt-to-Equity Ratio  This…

finance Raising_the_bar_The_key_to_tax_preparation_for_sme

The key to tax preparation for SMEs

Starting a business isn’t always easy but there is a wealth of assistance available for SMEs, including for taxation needs.  Tax requirements are based on the kind of business entity. Small businesses typically have their own ways for preparing taxes.  The…

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