Popular Investment Funds In South Africa


It has been difficult for equity fund managers as that consistency has been elusive.  

Although below is a list of the top five funds that have each delivered pockets of strong performance mixed with less successful periods. 

Fund shows from the periods of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 up till 2018. It’s South Africa’s (SA’s) general equity fund annual performance to August 31, 2018. 

Anchor BCI Equity Fund A  

24.7%, 28.0%, -9.5%, 8.6%, 2.0%  

Fairtree Equity Prescient Fund A1  

18.2%, 6.6%, 7.9%, 19.7%, 0.6%  

Investec Equity Fund  

R 16.5%, 14.3%, 1.2%, 12.0%, 4.7%  

PSG Equity Fund A  

14.3%, -6.4%, 25.1%, 11.2%, 0.9%  

Allan Gray Equity Fund A  

13.6%, 6.3%, 8.8%, 14.0%, 3.4% 

The findings were sourced from SA’s top equity funds. A private equity fund is also a managed investment fund that pools money, but they normally invest in private, non-publicly traded companies and businesses. Funds invest money. Equity funds deploy money raised from investors into equity and equity linked instruments. If a fund invests more than 65% of their portfolio in stocks, they are generally considered as equity funds. 

While in the unit trusts amongst those ranked as the 10 biggest unit trusts in SA according to the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (Asisa), through its released industry statistics. 

Allan Gray leads the pack and holds a market share of 12% in the unit trust market, closely followed by Coronation with 11% and Investec with 8%.


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