Top 10 Scammer Alert Websites


It’s a Monday morning and Quinton has just stepped into his office at work. He’s just checked his emails and has come across a mail that looks like it comes from his bank, requesting him to confirm a few details. The email request is urging him to confirm some of his personal details, including his online banking login details. It’s at this point that Quinton realises that this is a scam.  

An unsolicited communication from his bank, requesting such sensitive information is the tell-tale sign, in addition to the fake logo and spelling errors within the body of the email text. 

Fortunately, Quinton is well-versed on the different types of scams that exist. He is wise enough to delete the email immediately and to avoid clicking on any links which may lead to malware issues on his computer. Not everyone is so lucky. 

With numerous types of scams existing nowadays, it’s vital for people to keep up to date with the various sophisticated ways used by scammers to steal. 

From social media scams, to flight purchase debit scams, to change of banking details scams, there are numerous ways through which one can be conned. 

The good news is that there are some scammer alert websites which have made it much easier to keep track. 

The top 10 scammer websites to visit to protect yourself: 

Founded in 1994, Scambusters has helped over 11 million people over the years. By providing resources on how to avoid the most popular scams, the website has provided much-needed assistance. 

Renowned for providing useful, practical and trustworthy information on identity theft, credit card fraud, phishing, lottery scams and internet scams, this is one of the best scammer alert websites. 


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