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Technology Raising_The_Bar_What_are_the_pros_of_mobile_technology

What Are The Pros Of Mobile Technology?

Mobile technology has made it easier to do a lot of things. From transacting online, to getting multiple forms of entertainment, to online shopping on-the-go, mobile technology has made life much easier. The main advantage offered by mobile technology is that…

Technology Raising_The_Bar_Unbelievable_advances_in_gaming_tech

Unbelievable Advances In Gaming Technology

There have been some unbelievable advances in gaming technology in recent years. As developers and designers have continued to push the envelope, technology has had to keep up. There would be no use in having a brilliant game concept without the software or hardware to…

Technology Raising_The_Bar_The_future_of_gaming_tech

The Future Of Gaming Technologies

The future of gaming technologies is bright, smart and innovative. Gaming has become a popular form of entertainment and leisure for numerous people worldwide. The technology behind gaming development continues to evolve at a rapid rate. What the future of gaming technologies looks like: Mobile gaming is more popular…

Technology Raising_The_Bar_Review_of_generations_and_physics_of_cellphone_technology

Review Of Generations And Physics Of Cellphone Technology

Beyond being just for calls and SMSes, cellphone technology has evolved at a fast pace over the years. Understanding the physics of cellphone technology can go a long way towards initiating even more developments. For many people, trying to get their heads around this technology, often starts with comparisons…

Technology Raising_The_Bar_Different_Types_of_mobile_technology

What Are The Different Types Of Mobile Technology?

Mobile technology generally involves transmitters sending data on a single channel. This technology is also no longer just about phone calls and messaging but can also be used for GPS navigation, gaming, internet browsing and more. Mobile technology through tablets and portable PCs has also completely…

Technology Raising_the_bar_Popular_smartphones_that_are_set_to_decline_in_2019

Popular Smartphones That Are Set To Decline In 2019

Smartphone technology continues to dominate all over the world. Giants in the industry such as Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. have set the trends for years. Now there are even more manufacturers that are competing for a slice of…

Technology Raising_the_bar_Is_new_car_technology_leading_to_more_distracted_driving

Is New Car Technology Leading To More Distracted Driving?

Nowadays it’s no longer a luxury to have a connected car. The cars of the 21st century have moved beyond having infotainment systems that are uncooperative towards having features that meet almost all driver needs. While having all this technology available has been great…

Technology Raising_the_bar_Accelerating_the_evolution_of_the_connected_car

Accelerating The Evolution Of The Connected Car

Having a connected car nowadays has become the norm. What started out as bad Bluetooth connections has now developed to better infotainment systems. Connected cars have to evolve to keep up with the technological change and user needs. Current common features include: Adaptive cruise…

Technology AMD Ryzen

AMD Ryzen 3700/3800 X- What You Can Expect

AMD Ryzen 3700/3800X – A New Generation of Graphics… Famous PC rivalry or competition isn’t just limited to Apple and Microsoft or a battle of the tech visionaries, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. In the world of technology, massive global…

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