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Technology Bitcoin to Rand

Swap Bitcoin for Rand – Bitcoin ATM in Pretoria

You may have heard about Bitcoin, the virtual currency that was invented in 2008. If not, consider yourself lucky to now stumble across the opportunity to learn more about it. Through the use of open-source software, users can transact directly…


Apple Car Update- Is It Becoming a Reality?

Rumours of an Apple Car began back in early 2015, under the “Project Titan” moniker. In reality, it’s been more of an open secret that Apple is building an electric car. The initial team was said to be made up of…

Technology Samsung Galaxy 8 review

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Giant electronic company Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S8 – one of the most fine-looking mobile phones it ever made. By quickly looking at the images of this newly launched device, mobile users will no doubt fall in love with this…

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