Apple Car Update- Is It Becoming a Reality?


Rumours of an Apple Car began back in early 2015, under the “Project Titan” moniker. In reality, it’s been more of an open secret that Apple is building an electric car.

The initial team was said to be made up of 600 people, while it reportedly peaked at an estimated 1000 in recent months.

The Silicon Valley technology titan was initially reportedly aiming to release its own electric car by 2020. Recent reports say the launch date has been pushed to 2021. This is reportedly due to the decision made by Apple executives to refocus on developing an autonomous driving system.

The Apple Car project was started back in 2014. The hope was to revolutionise cars in the way the iPhone upended the mobile industry in 2007.

Project leader, Steve Zadesky left in early 2016. Bob Mansfield took over and determined that Apple should move from building an outright competitor to Tesla Motors Inc, to an underlying self-driving platform.

The Apple Car is set to be an electric car that could recognise its driver by fingerprint and autonomously navigate with the press of a button.  It may cost an estimated $155 000.

The man behind Tesla, Space X and PayPal, Elon Musk told the BBC that he believes Apple would “probably make a compelling electric car.”

The rumours have been swirling around the Apple Car. One of the latest rumours following news of a US Patent and trademark office patent awarded in May 2016 is that the Apple Car may have technology that allows the vehicle to be controlled using a portable device, such as an iPad or iPhone.

Despite the staff cuts and change in direction, the Apple Car seems set to still be in progress.


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