Unbelievable Advances In Gaming Technology


There have been some unbelievable advances in gaming technology in recent years. As developers and designers have continued to push the envelope, technology has had to keep up. There would be no use in having a brilliant game concept without the software or hardware to make it a reality. 

Facial recognition 

This is one of the most advanced developments in gaming. It enables gamers to create players that have the same facial features as them. These details are included in the face of the player on screen. The Real Sense Intel 3D camera has made developments most recently. 

Voice recognition 

This development has gaming features that follow commands. This way, there is no need to get a console to enjoy gaming. Gamers are also able to enjoy in-built voice typing. 

Gesture Control 

Games that use this technology feature technology that relies on the gesture of hands or bodies. The 3D camera covers every hand motion. 

Enhanced Graphics 

Graphics resolution is much better in games nowadays. The industry has come a long way from the 8-bit graphics of the past. 

Virtual Reality 

This tech provides an almost real-life experience for gamers. For example, in a game like Call of Duty, gamers will be able to feel shots piercing through their bodies as the players are shot. 

Augmented Reality Display 

This is one of the most unbelievable advances in gaming technology and means that there is typically no need for a computer display or TV in order to play the game. Instead, gamers are able to fully immerse themselves in gaming. This tech is also extending into other industries, beyond the gaming sector, such as the world of medicine. Surgical teams are able to simulate real-life surgeries, while testing various options in a realistic way. 

Wearable Gaming 

More devices are expected to be created to enable gaming on-the-go. Gamers will be able to play by simply touching the screens on their wrists. More advances include: 

  • Online Gaming 
  • Graphics Resolution 
  • Cloud Gaming 
  • Realistic Gaming

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