South Africa’s Response To Loadshedding


The introduction to load shedding in South Africa has affected South African individuals and businesses alike. The national union of metal workers of South Africa expressed their anger and dismay on how Eskom’s load shedding has disrupted their day-to-day activities. DE Beer attorneys announced its intention to take legal action against Eskom for the losses suffered by businesses and individuals as a result of load shedding.

Many individuals resorted to social media platforms to express their disgust and anger at how load shedding affected their lives. Some South Africans expressed how they view the Eskom crisis as a direct link to the mismanagement of funds by the ANC. Many indicators were that the elections on the 8th of May will be adversely affected by load shedding. Voter confidence dropped after load shedding. South Africans viewed load shedding as incompetence and gross mismanagement. Most South Africans worked around the load shedding schedule and prepared in advance for power outages. Alternative energies were introduced to curb the negative effect that load shedding has on them. Most South Africans purchased gas stoves, generators and solar-powered lights and water heating system to resume their lives. 

While other companies had to close down and wait until electricity was back to resume business, most companies resorted to alternatives to avoid loss of money. Most businesses incurred huge loses which is where most anger was stemming from. Some South Africans could not help but find humor in the whole situations. They distributed memes and comedy inspired videos to keep themselves entertained throughout the rough patch.  


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