C-Fibre from Cell C – Competitive Fibre To The Home Package


In the largely digital-centric world in which we live, access to the internet has become more of a necessity than a want. In South Africa, the major mobile operators remain largely dominant in the roll-out of speedy internet services.

The roll-out of fibre technology has changed this significantly however.

More about Fibre To The Home

It’s the fastest-growing type of connectivity. The technology is replacing existing copper infrastructure. The technology is named after the fibre optic cables that use light impulses to carry data. The light bounces along the glass fibre tubes at the speed of light, making it very fast.

Another advantage offered by Fibre is that it’s theft and weather-proof. The fibre cable is laid from the street, to the inside of your home, where it’s connected to a router inside your home that broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal for your laptop, smartphones and tablets to connect to seamlessly,

Fibre technology is being rolled out across South Africa and C-Fibre from Cell C is a new Fibre To The Home Package that provides high performance fibre to the home.

Tell me more about C-Fibre from Cell C?

This is a fibre package that is offered with aggressive, uncapped prices. Clients get 3 months free, with no set-up costs.

This 3 month free offer runs until 30 April 2017.  It applies on Vumatel, Mitsol and FrogFoot networks on month-to-month C-Fibre contracts.

The entire package is valued at over R5000. Installation amounts to R1710, connection s R1149,  and a Wi-Fi router with LTE is worth over R1699.

Cell C is also in discussions with other fibre network operators to provide an end-to-end service to customers across the country.

C-Fibre from Cell C is a competitive fibre package offered by South Africa’s third largest mobile network, which has over 22 million subscribers.

“In a world where content and technology are converging, customers are going to need high-speed and unrestricted access that will allow them to keep pace with their content consumption,” said Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos in a statement.

Visit www.cellc.co.za


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