AMD Ryzen 3700/3800 X- What You Can Expect


AMD Ryzen 3700/3800X – A New Generation of Graphics…

Famous PC rivalry or competition isn’t just limited to Apple and Microsoft or a battle of the tech visionaries, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. In the world of technology, massive global corporations are constantly working on improving existing hardware and software on a daily basis. It’s no wonder then that many of them are always trying to best one another when it comes to producing world-class hardware to aim high-performance devices.

AMD is a renowned competitor to Intel – a brand that has become well-known for producing leading Central Processing Units (CPUs).

In 2017 AMD introduced the Ryzen brand of CPUs to the market – a brand that was aimed at high-performance gaming.

The Ryzen 3000 series is the next generation of CPUs by AMD set to come out early in 2019. There are some high expectations from the AMD Ryzen 3700/3800X.

What can we expect from the AMD Ryzen 3700/3800X?

The smaller size is expected to reduce costs of production for AMD. This may even mean that AMD could produce more CPUs at a fraction of what it previously cost. The increased core and thread count is also likely to lead to better performance.

Expected to have the new Zen 2 processor, the 3000 series seems set to redefine performance, with up to 40% improvement.

The Pure Power feature will improve processor energy co-efficiency, while the chips come with their own cooler in the box.

Smart Prefetch anticipates the data your applications need for peak performance and additional cores can help with video game streaming.

Precision Boost 2 can automatically raise processor frequencies (GHz) for better system performance.

The AMD Ryzen 3700/3800X are most likely to be based on an AM4 socket, which has great motherboard compatibility.

The company has billed this series as an offer of “High performance processing and graphics. All on one chip”.


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