Popular Smartphones That Are Set To Decline In 2019


Smartphone technology continues to dominate all over the world. Giants in the industry such as Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. have set the trends for years. Now there are even more manufacturers that are competing for a slice of the pie. 

With new handsets being released daily, it was inevitable that there would eventually be saturation in some markets. Companies like these two, along with Xiaomi Corp and Huawei Technologies Co are facing challenges as consumers demand more innovation and excitement in models. 

When the first iPhone was released in 2007, it used existing wireless networks. Innovation since then means that downloading speeds are much faster, there is fingerprint technology and cameras are much better. This is one of the popular smartphones that are set to decline in 2019. While popularity still remains for this brand (there are still people who are excited to be first in line when new iPhone models are released in September,) the market has experienced a downwards shift in the past year- a trend that looks set to continue in 2019. 

Samsung devices, Apple iPhones and Huawei devices – which have led the charge in terms of design and user-friendliness are all facing slumps in sales and are popular smartphones that are set to decline in 2019. 

What is causing this decline? 

The reality is that there are now fewer major technology innovations. Markets are also maturing, meaning that there is not much untapped demand. Some innovations are no longer regarded as fascinating, but more expected. Water resistant technology is nothing new today. LTE connectivity is becoming old and millennials are always itching for something mind-blowing. 

Saturation levels have been reached in some Western countries.  

What can turn it all around? 

  • 5G technology 
  • Better battery technology 
  • Foldable screens 
  • VR-enabled devices 

As the demand for innovation continues to soar, smartphone manufacturers need to up their game and find more ways to develop ground-breaking technology.


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