Accelerating The Evolution Of The Connected Car


Having a connected car nowadays has become the norm. What started out as bad Bluetooth connections has now developed to better infotainment systems.  

Connected cars have to evolve to keep up with the technological change and user needs.  

Current common features include: 

  • Adaptive cruise control 
  • Collision warning systems 
  • Self-parking 
  • Auto-braking 
  • Advanced Infotainment systems 

Factors that are accelerating the evolution include rapid advancements. For drivers who are invested in the Internet of Things, having access to control their devices in their homes, from cars is something that will be expected in the Connected Car. 

Infotainment systems will morph to meet the needs of drivers. These cars will likely have geo-based services and automated roadside assistance. 

What is also accelerating the evolution of the Connected Car is the need to be connected at all times. While there are cars with WiFi installed, the rapid changes mean that the cars of the future will have to meet all connectivity needs. This may mean having to keep up with constant updates to software. Updates to car technology should be possible without the need to visit a dealer.  

One of the main potential challenges in accelerating the evolution of the Connected Car is that there are typically long development cycles in the car industry. This could potentially mean that by the time a car is actually manufactured, the technology installed could be outdated. Drivers won’t want to buy a car that has old tech features. The demand for the connected car will continue to rise, which means that car manufacturers will have to have even harder to come up with creative solutions. 


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