MTN Launches First AI Service for Mobile Money


MTN is a leading network provider with extensive experience within South Africa and across the African continent. As an authorised FSP, the company not only offers mobile solutions for subscribers but also offers additional services such as insurance. The company has become synonymous with quality mobile solutions.

In recent years the company has had to become more flexible by keeping up with technological innovations.

The news that MTN has launched the first AI service for Mobile Money not only means a leap for tech advancements, but it may also mean that consumers may have a smoother mobile money user experience.

The chatbot exists to assist users with navigation of MTN’s MoMo services.

According to MTN, the first AI service for Mobile Money has been installed to drive customer engagement and to enhance the MTN MoMo experience.

MTN CEO Rob Shuter has said that the use of AI is intended to enable its customer base to reach the company anytime and anywhere, using various social networks and messaging apps.

These days there are various options for transferring money. This becomes especially useful for individuals who cannot afford or don’t have a bank account. Money transfer options in South Africa are available through numerous entities and MTN’s Mobile money service has been designed to meet the needs of these individuals and more.

Mobile money solutions have become highly popular across the African continent and the introduction of this tech may be useful for creating a more user-friendly experience for some. Communicating with the company may become easier for consumers, while the AI tech is sure to give better insight into consumer patterns.

AI is also intended to ensure the achievement of the “vision for MTN to become one of the largest fintech players across our footprint,” according to the mobile network giant.


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