Why Choose Credit Analyst


If you’re one to shoulder the kind of responsibility as assessing a loan applicant’s creditworthiness whether for big loans of a person wanting to get a house, make a loan or an investment. And you’re not just always a yes man or woman and you don’t mind saying the occasional no. Or even yes, but… . Then please do read on you may just choose to become a credit analyst. 

The nice thing about this job is that you’re not limited to a particular type of company. A credit analyst doesn’t have to work only for a bank or credit rating agency. They can work for any company that offers financing for its products and services. This means they can work with an automobile manufacturer, retail store, utility or even an energy company.  

And you know when a career is in demand the benefits of a good enough salary are sure to follow especially since it’s a career in finance. A credit analyst with a bachelor’s degree can earn a pretty solid wage in this sector.  

Also for employees who don’t have finance-related degrees with this job some banks and companies provide on-the-job training to credit analyst. On most occasions, these companies require some work experience in an accounting/finance-related field or a graduate degree in a business-related field. Depending on the level of the job, a company might require a credit analyst to have a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. 

When you also choose to become a credit analyst it can lead to higher and exciting career paths like investment banker, portfolio manager and loan and trust manager. 


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