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Finance Tips Raising_The_Bar_Investments_of_funds_all_you_need_to_know

Investment Of Funds- All You Need To Know

The investment of funds has a number of benefits for individuals looking to build their wealth. Financial stability Investments that are managed well could potentially enable individuals or organisations to become more financially stable. If returns are made on the investments and income can be earned,…

Finance Tips Raising_The_Bar_The_most_modern_functions_of_a_commercial_bank

The Most Modern Functions Of A Commercial Bank

Banking institutions have a number of basic functions. In recent years these have evolved to serve the changing needs of consumers. Understanding the most modern functions of a commercial bank can help in terms of figuring out the best ways to make use of services. At a basic…

Finance Tips Raising_The_Bar_Business_record_keeping_explained

Business Record Keeping Explained

Running a business requires a fair amount of dedication and discipline. While many business owners tend to get caught up in the day-to-day running of things, they often neglect to take care of business record keeping. In reality, keeping good records makes accounting and…

Finance Tips Raising_The_Bar_What_are_financial_records

What Are Financial Records?

Financial records are documents that represent transactions of an individual, business or any other organisation.  They typically include:  Cash flow statement Income statement Balance sheet Tax Returns Statement on retained earnings It’s useful to monitor them because they provide financial clarity.  They essentially aid analysis. They can be…

Finance Tips Raising_The_Bar_Making_use_of_a_savings_calculator

Making Use Of A Savings Calculator

Heidi is a young individual who wants to buy her own car soon. She has recently been promoted to a new position at work, which comes with a higher salary. She has assessed that in light of the amount of income she…

Finance Tips Raising_The_Bar_Saving_definition_according_to_economics

Savings Definition According to Economics

The definition of savings according to Investopedia is “what a person has left over when the cost of his or her consumer expenditure is subtracted from the amount of disposable income earned in a given period of time”.  Savings is also defined as…

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