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Finance Tips Deadly_habits_of_destructive_traders

Deadly Habits of Destructive Traders 

Penny Stock trading comes with the excitement of instant wealth and massive profits. But on the other hand you need rules in place to protect your trades and your income or it can just be a deadly habit.   Like trading without a plan  …

Finance Tips Raising_the_Bar_Credit_analysis_ratios_for_banks

Credit analysis ratios for banks

Credit analysis involves a wide variety of financial analysis techniques, including ratio and trend analysis as well as the creation of projections and a detailed analysis of cash flows. Credit analysis also includes an examination of collateral and other sources…

Finance Tips Raising_the_bar_Common_CSI_mistakes

Common CSI mistakes

What is CSI?  Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is designed to uplift communities. A sub-component of corporate social responsibility, CSI is about using company resources for development. Projects undertaken are not created for increasing profits. Instead, they are about improving the company’s credibility with…

Finance Tips Raising_the_bar_How_to_protect_bank_accounts_in_bankruptcy

How to protect bank accounts in bankruptcy

The bankruptcy process has a number of pros and cons. While it provides a great way to start all over again, it also results in harsh and negative effects on credit scores. Depending on the type of bankruptcy one files for, there may be…

Finance Tips Raising_the_bar_How_many_types_of_bankruptcies_are_there

How many types of bankruptcies are there?

Bankruptcy serves the purpose of resolving the issue of insolvency. In legal terms, the latter means that an entity owes more money than they have in assets.  When an individual or business cannot afford to repay its debts, a fresh financial start may be provided by…

Finance Tips Raising_the_bar_.how_your_your_credit_score_is_calculated

How your credit score is calculated

A credit score summarises all the details contained in your credit report.  It is a numerical value between 300 and 850 and is an indicator of risk level.  How your credit score is calculated:  35% is based on past repayments  This examines timely payments and is the major deciding factor. …

Finance Tips Raising_the_bar_what_is_the_current_interest_rate_in_sa

What is the current interest rate in South Africa?

A country’s central bank sets interest rates. In South Africa (SA), Interest rates are determined by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). Although the decision to raise interest rates isn’t the Reserve Bank governor’s alone.  Interest rates drive economic growth as a country’s current interest…

Finance Tips Raising_the_bar_Myths_about_interest_rates

5 Myths about interest rates

Interest rates affect many parts of our financial lives to getting that home, car or personal loan to even saving. All these things work on interest and this is fact. But with every fact there’s a myth too. So let’s…

Finance Tips Raising_the_bar_Key_ratios_to_analyse_creditworthiness

Key ratios to analyse creditworthiness

Ratios are tools that can be used to assess financial conditions. They may also be best for making comparisons of companies within an industry.  The use of ratios is useful for making decisions about whether to grant credit or not. In addition to assessing affordability, creditworthiness…

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