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lifestyle Jackpot Lottery

Why Do We Keep Buying Lottery Tickets?

Considering your odds of ever winning the lottery, buying tickets can appear to be a wasted effort. But in spite of these unwelcoming chances, people from all over the world continue to buy tickets for every single draw. By analyzing…

lifestyle Funeral Cover

The Most Expensive Funeral In South Africa

It is estimated that around 23.4 million people or 64% of the population in South Africa have some form of funeral cover in their name or is covered by someone else. There is also a developing trend that has seen…

lifestyle Fine Dining

Fine Dining Tips

What is fine dining? Fine dining can be described as a type of culinary experience defined by specific etiquette being used when visiting full service restaurants with specific dedicated meal courses. These restaurants often have high quality décor with waitrons who…

lifestyle The Top Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa

The Top Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa

Entrepreneurship isn’t only about running a business, but it is also about offering solutions to problems. It’s also about having the perseverance to see your goals through to fruition. South Africa has a number of top female entrepreneurs who are…

lifestyle top 5 movies for 2016

5 Movies to watch in 2016

Despite declining movie ticket sales, Hollywood continues to churn out movies each year. Big studio budgets are still spending considerably on creating new movies. From crime-thrillers to romantic comedies, there are hundreds of new films on circuit each year. With…

lifestyle pep

What Pep Store Salary to Expect

Pep first opened its store in 1965 in De Aar in the Northern Cape. Today it has more than 2000 retail stores and is the largest single-brand retailer in Southern Africa. Over the years the company has become well-established as…

lifestyle legal advice

A Guide to Legal Advice Services

It’s a daily occurrence for people to need legal advice, all over the world. While some people may make the mistake of assuming that anyone can provide this service, the reality is that only a lawyer may give actual legal…

lifestyle windows 10 collective

What Information Windows 10 Collects From You

What Windows 10 has to offer The Start Menu returns, featuring Live Tiles. This is an application shortcut grid which shows a preview of the latest information from the app. Notifications stay in the Action Centre. Better volume control and…


How Can Improve Transactions is a cryptocurrency software development company. In rennet years Bitcoin has dominated in the sphere of cryptocurrency. There are also other types of cryptocurrencies that have entered the market. With the development of cryptocurrencies, many businesses may consider using Blockchain…

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