How To Safely Sell Items On OLX


How to safely sell items on OLX

OLX is an online platform that makes it easy to buy and sell items. The service is convenient and easy to use. It also presents some potential dangers for individuals who are unfamiliar with internet scammers.

If you want to improve the chances of safely selling your items, there are a number of things you can do:

Always meet in person

OLX is an online platform that is designed to make the selling of items easier. It’s always safer to make sure that you meet the buyer in person. It’s also always advisable to meet the person in public place.

Aim to get paid in cash for the item you sell

Getting paid in cash for the item you sell is the best way to avoid scams. You should also never accept a proof of payment SMS or email. Make sure that you don’t ship any items without any payment. Exercise caution when accepting cheques. It’s always better to get as much of the payment in cash – this way you can avoid online banking scams.

How to safely sell items on OLX:

  • Go to the official OLX website
  • Click the “sell your item now” button
  • Select an appropriate category
  • Create an engaging ad title. This may go a long way towards actually selling the item.
  • Provide a description. Make sure the description is as clear as possible.
  • Complete the seller information field. Make sure that your contact details are correct.
  • Add images
  • Re-check all your details, then select the “Post” option
  • Keep checking your email for any updates on the item you’re selling.

Once you’ve received some interest from potential buyers, arrange to meet in a public place. Keep in mind that one of the easiest way to safely sell items on OLX is to be clear about the terms of the sale.


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