Spar Instant Money Queries And Contact Number


Spar Instant Money queries and contact number

Spar, one of South Africa’s biggest supermarkets, allows anyone to instantly send money to their friends and beloved one.
Sending money with Spar is easy and simple. Below is how you can send your money with Spar.

• Go to Money Transfer tills at SPAR stores nationwide.
• Bring the money you want to send, your ID, the receiver’s cellphone number and the R9,95 transaction fee.
• Enter your secret 4-digit PIN number using the keypad at the till.
• Send the secret 4-digit PIN number and the voucher number to the person receiving the money.

Here is how you can receive money from Spar

• Go to a Money Transfer till at SPAR stores nationwide or any Standard Bank ATM.
• You need the voucher number and secret 4-digit PIN number from the sender. No ID or bank account needed.
• Key in your voucher number and secret 4-digit PIN number.

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Spar Instant Money

[Q] How much can I transfer?

• You can send up to R5 000 per day and a total of R25 000 per month.

[Q] Are there any charges?

• It costs just R9.95 to send the money and is free for the receiver.

[Q] When will the money be available to my receiver?

• The receiver should be able to collect the money within 30 seconds of you sending it.

[Q] Can I send and receive money on weekends?

• Yes, you can send and receive money from participating SPAR stores during trading hours. You can also collect your money at any Standard Bank ATM, day or night.

[Q] How often can I use this service?

• You can use the service as much as you like, provided you don’t exceed the R5 000 daily or R25 000 monthly limits.


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