How to Start a Small Business from Home


Home-based businesses comprise one of the fastest growing business segments today. More people are finding value in starting their own businesses and working from home. Research has shown that these days technology is a key driver behind this trend too.

There are a few key steps you can follow when you want to start a small business from home.

Establish professional business practices.

As with any other business, you need to be strict with boundaries. Avoid mixing personal and business expenses and establish a clear system for finances.

Set up a business-like work environment

Have a dedicated space for your home-based business work area. Running a small business from home requires dedication and diligence. Make sure that your boundaries are clear.

Evaluate yourself before you start

Ask yourself what you have to offer and what makes you an expert in the field. Know your competition and understand the needs of your market. Does the product or service meet a need? Is it a fad or something that will last over time?

Do your research

Make sure that your business is a viable one. Find out if there is a market for it as well as if there are any permits needed to operate your business from your home.

Have a business plan

Having a business plan will give you the guidance you need. It will serve as a blueprint to your business’ success.


Invest in business infrastructure which will help you run your small business from home optimally. Make sure that you can install this infrastructure within your home and get any necessary permits.

Set up a dedicated phone line

Be professional and make it easy for customers to contact you.


Make sure that you also invest some time in advertising your business. Make sure that you communicate a clear, concise message and that it reaches your target market.



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