The Most Expensive Medical Aid In South Africa


The most expensive medical aid in South Africa

In South Africa, the rising cost of living continues to make it increasingly challenging to keep up with expenses. The sad reality is that the cost of medical aid is rising too.

In South Africa, more than 80% of the population cannot afford the costs associated with having medical aid. Many people often wonder why the costs of medical aid continue to rise.

One of the reasons for the rise is that patients are being admitted to private hospitals more often. When a new hospital opens in an area where there are already existing hospitals, admission rates usually increase overall in the region.

According to statistics, the increased use of medical services is driven by demand and supply.

According to the South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi), 2105 private medical aid policyholders in South Africa rated various medical aid companies. Top performers in the poll include Liberty Health, Momentum Health, Bonitas, Discovery, Medihelp and GEMS.

Discovery Health has a 54% share of South Africa’s medical aid market with close to three million customers. Discovery is also generally the most expensive medical aid in South Africa.

Comprehensive medical aid on Discovery amounts to slightly over R4000 per principle member. The Paying for procedures on the Discovery GP Network Plan is about R1734, while Hospital Plans on the Discovery Health Classic Care Medical Aid plan are available for R1745.

Although it is possible to compare medical aids, comparing like-on-like medical plans is quite difficult with the numerous plans available on the market.

In most cases, hospitals usually have agreed rates with medical aids with bills being paid in full, so individuals with medical aid don’t have to worry about paying their bills in full. Many consumers find that the best medical aids are less risky and more likely to pay out in a claim. Some of the most expensive medical aids in South Africa also generally fall into this category.



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