What Is The Effect Of Entertainment In South Africa?


Entertainment provides a way to gain attention of audiences and it can also bring pleasure to these audiences. In some cases, it may embellish reality in order to satisfy personal fantasies.  

The effect of entertainment in South Africa can be positive or negative.  

In the South African context, the effect of entertainment can be considered in terms of how it has affected society as well industries such as marketing, along with education. Entertainment is not only a reflection of society. It’s also very much market-driven. 

The positive elements: 

Some forms of entertainment can educate viewers about the diverse matters of life. Thera are some difficult subjects that can be challenging to tackle, but by using mediums such as TV or music, they can be discussed. Entertainment can be used as a healing element in this way. 

Gaming can help gamers connect even more with other like-minded people. The gaming world has changed as more people use mobile versions to entertain themselves on-the-go at any time. When gamers play against other players from all over the world, it fosters new friendships which could have positive effects on interpersonal relations. 

Music and comedy shows have positive effects on the brain. Entertainment can be healing. The brain releases certain chemicals when listening to music, which can counter effects of depression and anxiety.  

The entertainment industry creates jobs for numerous people. An encouraging effect of entertainment in South Africa is that there have been a number of social media influencers and personalities who have inspired the creation of reality shows. This has created even more employment opportunities for crew members and other creatives. 

The negative effects: 

TV viewers have become desensitised to sex, murder and violence as a result of what they view on TV. 

Too much screen time has been shown to contribute towards the deterioration of personal relationships. 


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