The BlackBerry Keyone Is Making A Comeback – Keep Your Eyes Open


The BlackBerry Keyone is making a comeback – why you should get one

The BlackBerry is regarded as one of the revolutionary devices of the 21st century. Before the domination of Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market, the BlackBerry was the leader of the pack.

The BlackBerry has taken a back seat to Apple and Samsung, without much production of smartphone devices.

The Keyone, which was a popular model by the brand is making a comeback.

More about the BlackBerry Keyone:

The BlackBerry Keyone features the much-loved QWERTY keyboard. With its renowned retro and robust design, the BlackBerry Keyone features a dual-SIM handset.

With a crisp full HD, touch responsive screen, the BlackBerry has a sturdy design with curved sides. The 4.5 inch display size is convenient while you can also swipe vertically or horizontally on the keyboard as you would a touchscreen.

The device also features a good camera for outside pictures and has excellent battery life.

At 1080 x 1620 pixels resolution, the phone’s screen has vibrant colours. Its USB-C port can be located at the bottom, along with two speaker units.

On the downside, the device has no dust or water resistance. The blinking red light is also still there. (Only time will tell how popular this feature will still be with users who have multiple social networks).

Keeping up with new cell phones has become much more challenging. With tech companies releasing new handsets every other day it means that new cell phones flood the market on a regular basis. The BlackBerry Keyone joins Nokia in a bid to make a comeback into a market that has become flooded with a wide array of smartphone technology.

How well it’s received by the market will determine how well the brad will do in the smart device market in upcoming years,




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