Best Global Finance Conferences


Best global finance conferences

When it comes to learning about banking and finances, there are seldom better ways than visiting a conference. And there are plenty which are being held in various regions of the world.

The International Trade and Finance Association Conference

It’s a multi-disciplinary association, and welcomes scholars and professionals from economics and finance, marketing and management, law, communications and other disciplines with an interest in globalisation and the global economy.

The conference will consist of regular competitive sessions, as well as plenary sessions dealing with high-profile issues. On all aspects of international trade and finance, including such emerging issues as cyber security and economic warfare, digital free trade and e-commerce, intellectual property protections, and trade in various services.

It will be held in Beijing, China, 23-26 May, 2018.

The 19th Annual Conference on Finance and Accounting (ACFA) 2018

The Conference offers an opportunity for the scholars to present preliminary results of their research.

Secondly, the Conference creates a broad platform enabling researches from all over the world to share their thoughts, visions, to discuss contemporary development in the field and thus to obtain references for their research. This could be useful for emerging researchers and especially for Ph.D. students, who can submit their papers for the special Ph.D. Track.

It will be held in Prague 26-29 June, 2018.

The Global Finance Digital Bank Conference

Since we know that data and big data are just some of the words being uttered of late that’s why a finance conference based around digital banking would be best. Such as this conference, that convenes annually in London. In 2017 the conference was focused on the World’s Best Digital Banks.

Executives from banks, fintech and companies focused on opportunities, as well as risks, in the era of Big Data. With data being their main theme of the day it was asked if banks can deliver with data. To facilitate better customer service and experience, and addressed some of the ethical and security dilemmas.

SIMSR International Finance Conference (SIFICO) 2018

It has been organised by the Finance Department along with the Centre of Excellence in Capital Markets of SIMSR since last six years. The Conference is currently in its 7th edition titled ‘Emerging Trends in BFSI Sector’.

It aims at bringing together academics, researchers and practitioners to attempt to capture their view on the new trends and challenges in the global financial arena where innovations in strategies, methodologies and behaviour is taking place at a rapid pace.


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