Best online courses for Accountants in 2017


Accounting is a career that can fit into any type of business structure. Accountants are tasked with analysing, organising and preparing financial records for organisations or individuals.

Some of the best online courses for accountants in 2017 offer an excellent way to diversify education and experience. These courses are designed to teach individuals how to become more effective and efficient when performing accounting duties.

Through these courses, accountants can enhance and advance basic accounting principles.

According to recent statistics, the number of jobs for accountants and auditors is projected to grow by at least 13% through 2020.

To qualify as an accountant, a minimum bachelor’s degree in accounting or a similar field is required. However, the changing landscape in the financial industry means that individuals have to be better equipped with a wider range of skills. This is why more accounting professionals often have a Master’s degree in Accounting or Business Administration.

Accountants can also improve and refresh their knowledge by taking the best online courses for accountants in 2017.

The University of Johannesburg offers Short Courses in Economic and Financial Sciences. The institution offers a Programme in Commercial Accounting for R15 000.

The course runs from February through to November.

A Bridging Programme in Accountancy is also offered in the same period, for a cost of R35 000.

Udemy offers a Basics of Business Finance online course.

The course covers topics such as Basic Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis and using Excel to build Financials.

Benefits of choosing a career as an Accountant:

  • You can choose among a range of job types within the financial services sector
  • Various opportunities for professional recognition and advancement
  • Options to work in different industries
  • Options to specialise in different types of work.
  • Progression is often fast in the accounting sector
  • Accounting jobs are often in great demand.
  • The financial industry is highly-regulated.





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