Ways to Buy Data and SMS bundles Using the Capitec App


Using banking apps has made the lives of people much easier all over the world. The need for branch visits is becoming less frequent as people use digital banking platforms more.

Capitec Bank strives to offer simplified banking solutions.

Through its digital banking platforms the bank offers clients simple ways of accessing their accounts and of making payments.

Many people are saving themselves time and effort when it comes to managing their finances. Studies have shown that using mobile banking technology can save up to 24 hours annually.

By banking on-the-go, individuals are able to save time and money. Instead of having to spend money on transport costs in order to make branch visits, by using banking apps, customer are able to bank wherever they are 24/7.

Banking apps keep you in control of your finances. You can monitor your balances and know your financial standing.

It’s also secure and protects your privacy, identity and financial information.

What are the benefits of using the Capitec App?

  • Convenience, control and cost savings.
  • The app works on almost all smartphones and feature phones. You can also access your account when it suits you.
  • Using your Capitec App gives you easy access to check transactions on your account. Beneficiary payments can be made at half the costs of doing the same at a branch.
  • It’s free and there’s no subscription fee.
  • Cellphones are revolutionising the way we work and play. In fact, research has shown that there are around 5.2 billion cellphone users worldwide. The demand for data and SMS bundles is higher than ever.
  • The good news is that you can buy data and SMS bundles using the Capitec App.
  • You can choose the data amount you want by using the app and buy it whenever you choose.

To find out more about how to buy data and SMS bundles using the Capitec App, call: 0860 10 20 43.

Visit www.capitecbank.co.za


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