Capitec- A Guide to Using Your Credit Card


Since it was established in 2001, Capitec bank has grown to become one of the leading banks in South Africa. With an ethos based on simplified banking solutions, Capitec has managed to grow its customer base extensively in recent years.

Offering a range of transactional services and banking products, Capitec has become a reliable, trustworthy and innovative banking institution.

One of the most recent additions to Capitec’s product and service offering is the credit card.

Tell me more about the Capitec credit card?

The card is ideal for everyday purchases and online shopping. It offers up to 55 days interest-free purchases as well as the highest interest on a positive balance at 5.35%.

Having a credit card comes with the benefit of providing access to emergency cash when you need it.

The Capitec credit card comes with free payment protection as well as lost card and travel insurance. No currency conversion fees are paid for international payments.

What do you need to apply for the Capitec credit card?

  • Original South African ID
  • Be at least 18 years old’
  • Provide proof of address
  • Latest salary slip
  • Latest stamped bank statement

What you need to know about using your credit card

  • Download and activate the Capitec App
  • Register your card for online shopping
  • Activate your MasterCard SecureCode

Keep in mind that it’s important to understand the terms of your credit card agreement fully.

Know your credit limit to avoid overspending.

Know how your interest is calculated before using your credit card.

You can earn the highest interest on your credit card by maintaining a positive balance.

Capitec offers competitive interest rates. Interest rates vary between 15% and 21% based on an individual client’s credit profile.

Prospective credit card clients have to apply in-branch so that their biometric data can be captured.

Approval is based on an individual income and affordability check.

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