Cobol Loans- Offering Quick, Easily Accessible Loans


For many people who are looking for easily accessible loans, banks might not offer the convenience they require. Banks often have stringent qualifying criteria which many individuals can’t qualify for. In such cases, micro lending institutions offer some much welcome relief.  

In South Africa, the financial industry continues to grow at a fast rate, with more financial institutions offering individuals access to a wide array of choice.  

A leading lending institution is Cobol Loans, which offers access to loan amounts of up to R3000. Repayments are fixed, giving individuals the convenience of consistent payments on a monthly basis, so there are no surprises. 

Cobol strives to provide same day cash solutions, so loan applicants can expect fast approval.  

Established in 2006, Cobol has grown to become a trusted and reliable institution. Thousands have come to trust Cobol to meet their short term finance needs. 

Using the service is safe and secure. Cobol is also a registered credit provider and the institution prides itself on providing finance to individuals who can afford to make repayments. Through a simple 5 minute online application process, individuals are able to gain access to funds for their most pressing financial needs. This may be paying for school fees, for an unexpected repair cost etc. Loans are granted to individuals based on individual affordability and credit profiles. 

Repayments can be made within 6 months, giving you sufficient time to repay the loan without straining your finances too much. 

What do you need to qualify? 

  • Be a South African citizen 
  • Be permanently employed 
  • Earn a minimum of R3000 per month 
  • Provide a valid South African ID 

Once approved, the money is paid directly into your bank account. 

To contact Cobol Loans, call: 021 421 8811 or send an email to: 



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