Financial Current Events To Be Aware Of


Financial current events to be aware of

With political, social and technological disruption the new world order, let’s see what the experts say when it comes to how some of these topics shape financial current events.

Here are five top tips from two of the world’s top fund managers that emerged during the discussions of over 500 fund buyers recently gathered in Johannesburg at the Nedgroup Investment Summit 2017. When they were there to share ideas on how to navigate an increasingly unpredictable investment terrain, as reported in “Fin24”.

Here’s what experts say you need to be aware of

Look at investment opportunities that married technology and assets.

Examples such as Airbnb and ride-hailing service Uber. Abax Investments investment manager Omri Thomas advised investors.

“In the next few years, we will probably see driverless, automated cars in SA, so I recommend delaying purchasing a new car until automated vehicles are released locally,” he suggested.

Increased technological advancement and automation magnifies many of the existing issues influencing the global economy – including weak demand, subdued inflation, low wage growth, and inequality,

Invest in industries you understand

“Stick to the things that you know about, because you’re more likely to be able to predict them, and avoid the areas that are likely to be disruptive.” advised Veritas Asset Management fund manager and head of the global division Andrew Headley.

“Focus on companies with mass competitive advantage and big market shares,” he commented at the summit.

“Predictions are highly influenced by the context they’re made in.”


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