First Steps in Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneur and innovation are the heart and soul of economic development and growth. They’re the things that will impact and bring change into the lives of people and the community or society at large. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of entrepreneur or innovator you want to become. Opting for the entrepreneurial way of life and thinking beyond a job. This has been punted as the way for the future, and it doesn’t need to take money to achieve this. As proven through the free online course from OpenLearn who bring education to your door no matter the distance.  

The course is designed for millions of learners around the world, who are invited to try this free educational resource. Just by signing up online to join the OpenLearn community and access more features like exploring new topics. Those such as Entrepreneur and Innovation study to build on your personal knowledge or look for reference material for a course you’re already studying. 

This free course by OpenLearn is part of Open University. It provides a short introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Clarifying some key themes and terminology and helping you to examine your own views about the subject of first steps in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  

You can enter for the free course online. It’s there to inspire and inform everyone who’s interested.  Anyone can learn for free on OpenLearn by creating an account. This lets you set up a personal learning profile which tracks your course progress and gives you access to Statements of Participation and Digital Badges you earn along the way. 

Online learning has rapidly emerged and is now found in every area of education, from schools to skills training. More people than ever learn through online. Despite the various challenges faced by young entrepreneurs, it’s clear that they’ve a lot to offer the business world.


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