Have Fun By Making Your Own Waze Voice


Popular navigation app Waze has recently introduced a new feature that lets users record their own voice.  The application has experimented with plenty of celebrity voices, but now also offers the option to use the voice recorder option.

It is currently limited to the Android version.

In a world where smart devices have flooded the technology market, software developers have also improved by churning out new, innovative applications on a frequent basis.

Waze has created a unique offering by giving users the opportunity to have fun with their unique app, using celebrity voices to navigate their way to various places. Now the developers have taken it a step further by letting users use their own voice with the app.

How you can have fun by making your own Waze voice:

You currently have to say exactly what’s listed.

When you use your voice, you’ll no longer hear street names while you navigate.

To start having fun by making your own Waze voice, you open the app’s settings, tap “sound and voice” and you’ll find the new option to record a custom voice.

You’ll typically first have to record a bunch of generic phrases first, like numbers.

The app asks users to be extra clear when speaking, which will reduce chances of missed turns and the like.

It’s important to keep in mind that any of the app’s instructions that you don’t record will default to the regular Waze voice.

Right now you can only record voice for yourself and cannot store them.

While the app has been lauded for innovation, this new feature has raised some concerns regarding safety, For instance, what would prevent someone from saying “turn left” instead of “turn right?” This raises some pertinent concerns which the developers surely need to look into.


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