How Does The Ebucks Card Work?


How does the ebucks card work?

The FnB ebucks cards works in various ways. The card earns you points when you buy groceries in shops such as Shoprite, Checkers, Dischem and many others.

Worthnoting is that you can use both your eBucks and your bank card to pay. If you don’t have enough eBucks to pay for your purchase in full, you can pay the difference using your FNB or RMB Private Bank card. All you have to do is swipe your eBucks card at the till, enter your 4-digit eBucks PIN, then pay the balance with your bank card.

You can use you ebucks card on while earning eBucks every step of the way! When checking out and paying for your goodies, simply enter your SA ID number in the allocated field. Note: If you choose to earn eBucks on an order, you can’t pay for that order using eBucks or any other loyalty scheme.

You can also you it at fuel stations. Earn eBucks from the bank. You can earn up to 15% back by paying for your fuel with your qualifying FNB or RMB Private Bank account, depending on your reward level.

How to check your eBucks balance

  • Online: login to the eBucks website and go to My eBucks.
  • Call them on 087 320 3200.
  • SMS: SMS the word ‘balance’ and your ID number to 32224. Each SMS costs R1.
  • FNB electronic channels: Register for and log onto FNB Online Banking or FNB Cellphone Banking.

With the ebucks card, you can earn more points that are translated into cash. Earning eBucks is easy:

  • You must have a matching FNB Cheque Account and an FNB Credit Card, or a matching RMB Private Bank Cheque Account and an RMB Private Bank Credit Card.
  • Collect Points. You collect points by doing general banking.



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