Investment Management Companies In South Africa


When it comes to the top Investment management companies in South Africa (SA) look no further than Investment research firm, Morningstar, published latest analysis of South African asset managers. 

It details which of the country’s top fund managers have delivered the best returns. The research is calculated on a quarterly basis and provides an assessment of the risk-adjusted return of all South African-based unit trusts carrying a Morningstar Rating. 

SA’s largest private asset manager, Allan Gray, along with Fairtree Capital, topped the list of the country’s best fund managers for investment performance. Prudential Investment Managers climbed to third, up from previous quarter. 

While PSG Collective investment came in at number five and Coronation Management Company made it into the top ten. Discovery Life Collective Investment came in at number eleven with Momentum Collective Investment having come in at number thirteen.  

Old Mutual Multi-Managers and its Unit Trust Managers came in at number fourteen and fifteen. Investec Fund Managers SA, Satrix Managers, Nedgroup Collective Investments, Absa Fund Managers and Stanlib Collective Investments made it into the top 20. 

These are the Top 20 asset managers with a minimum R5 billion in SA by asset-weighted rating. Morningstar stressed, however, that the ranking is not designed as a forward-looking tool and doesn’t indicate the future positioning of asset managers. Often called the ‘Star Rating’, it’s a quantitative assessment of a fund’s past performance and is measured from a minimum of one to a maximum of five stars.


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