Megahire – Sell Your Car Online


Megahire – sell your car online

Many people who are looking for cash quickly or people who need to leverage their businesses to buy the stock before they can get paid typically use our deal.
The beauty of this deal is unlike Pawning your Car and not having the use of it, our method allows you to raise the exact amount of cash you need on your vehicle and still have the use of it, or another vehicle if you choose!

Megahire’s deals also tends to be significantly more affordable than the route of pawning or selling your car and buying another car.

So, you can get cash for your car and still drive it.

They also apply the same model to equipment and farm vehicles.

People and businesses all take advantage of our offering. Some people need cash to pay a deposit before their family members can be admitted to a hospital or for an urgent payment that has been outstanding.

Mega car hire can help you in so many ways:
• They are not just a car dealership
• They are not just a car rental company
• Their unique deal allows you the benefit of releasing cash from your assets whilst still having the use of them.
• They are happy to buy at a good price any Cars or trucks that are fully paid up and that you have valid title to.
• They can rent you a car or truck at a competitive rate for a short or a long term period
• They can buy your vehicle, then rent you another vehicle at a competitive rate. And give you some MUCH NEEDED CASH out on the deal. We also allow you to buy the vehicle from us at any time.
• And finally their most popular option. They buy your vehicle at a competitive rate and then rent it to you for as long as you want. You also have the option to buy it back from us at any time.


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