My Financial Life Nedbank – Free Online Budgeting Tool


My Financial Life Nedbank – Free Online Budgeting Tool

MyFinancialLife is a secure online personal money management tool. You can customise your screen to see all you need in one place. It’s so easy and it’s for free. It’s so easy and it’s for free.


Net-worth calculation

See all your assets, such as your savings balances, investments, retirement funds and your house, less all that you owe, such as your credit card, bond account and overdraft balances. This is your net worth, and changes in value are automatically updated, making it easy for you to keep tabs on your net worth.

Spend analysis

By means of easy graphics your card and electronic transactions are categorised so you can see where you’re spending and make changes.


Track your actual spend against your planned spend.

Saving for a goal

Set your goals (such as a holiday) and then choose the amount you would like to save up in a specific timeframe. This tool calculates how much you should put aside each month.


These keep budgeting or goal-saving on track, and can be sent by email or SMS. You can, for instance, choose to receive alerts when 50% of your allowed credit card limit has been reached, so it’s even easier to stay on track.

Calendar view

Track debit orders against payments that need to be made, making it easy to view weekly, monthly or yearly transactions. That way you can always plan to have sufficient funds available. No nasty surprises.



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