What you need to know about The Internet of Things (iOT) and your Home


The Internet of Things (iOT) has been referred to by some people as “The Fourth industrial revolution”. It refers to an age where devices will be interconnected and may even send data back to manufacturers with alerts when a problem is imminent or service is needed.

Why should we be excited about The Internet of Things?

Manufacturers are putting chips in everything, so it won’t be unusual to expect a fridge that texts you when you’re out of milk.

You can use a central hub to connect all your devices, which you can access remotely. So the next time you’ve stepped out of the house and your best friend rings your doorbell you can answer by using your smartphone.

The internet of Things will transform how we interact with our possessions.

Tech manufacturer LG has announced that from now on it all of its premium appliances will come with Wi-Fi built into them, letting them communicate with each other and your smartphone all “connected to the cloud”.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “IT connectivity is driving dramatic improvements in product functionality and performance”.

While there is a lot to be excited about in terms of the Internet of Things and your home, there are also some inherent privacy and security concerns. It poses some huge security risks for many people.

Besides this, The Internet of Things essentially invites marketers into the most private aspects of your life.

Another potential risk presented, is that of ownership. Restrictive user agreements may try and stop you from tinkering with appliances you’ve already bought and paid for. This may be because of technology installed into the appliances by manufacturers – giving them leeway into deciding how the appliance operates.

The Internet of Things is certainly set to change the way that the modern home functions forever.




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