All you need to know about the Affiliate System


South Africa has over 24 million internet users. Of these users, many of them visit their favourite blogs or websites daily or weekly. This amounts to traffic for the owners of the blogs and websites. To monetise these websites, the owners usually turn to web affiliation systems. For a number of years, the Affiliate System has been popular.

You can sell products that fit your category by becoming a affiliate. Kalahari pays 6% commission on direct product links.

Generally, if you become an affiliate marketer for a specific company, then you can earn commission for every sale that you refer.

Any visitor who clicks on an appropriate link on your site and gets sent to and then buys something, earns you commission.

It can be done by anyone, as long as you promote a product legitimately and do not misrepresent the company.  There is no need to be licensed to broker their products.

You generally have to have a website in order to be approved to market or sell big brand products and services.

It’s often a favoured method of making money online because investment is minimal.

How the Affiliate System works:

You sign up as an affiliate either directly with the company or their ad agency.

Place a picture ad or small email form on your website for the company.

Every time one of your website visitors clicks on the ad you get paid.

Big businesses like want to reach mainly South African customers online so they will pay you a fee to give them some space on your website or for referring a lead. For instance, if someone buys R300 worth of products from, then you receive R15 commission.

Payments are made monthly via electronic transfer or through the companies’ advertising agencies.





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