The Price of an iPhone for Mid Range Sector


Founded 40 years ago, Apple has grown in giant leaps and bounds over the years to become the world’s most valuable company.

Through innovative concepts, flawless design, superior software and quality hardware, the brand has managed to dominate the smartphone market with the release of the iPhone.

While the brand’s products have achieved dominance in developed countries, Apple has decided to go back to its roots and “Think different”.

In emerging economies such as Africa, South America, China, India and the Middle East, Apple is slowly gaining more popularity. The company aims to fast-track this by winning over a chnk of the mid-range sector, which is largely dominated by Android phones.

The price of an iPhone for the mid-range sector has been introduced in order to focus on emerging economies.

Apple introduced the iPhone SE as a way to target the mid-range market. It’s hoped that the introduction of a cheaper iPhone may increase sales in these regions.

The company hopes that the iPhone SE will “stimulate overall iPhone sales” in these regions. Should this happen, it will shake the foundation that Korean brand Samsung has set with a 50% hold of all the smart phone sales on the African continent.

Apple’s iPhone market currently sits at less than 10% in this region.

What affects the price of an iPhone SE?

The iPhone 5C version failed to increase sales as planned. The iPhone SE is a 4 inch offering, with a better 12MP camera, Touch ID and Siri capabilities.

The A9 chip and M9 motion co-processor helps the phone perform at ultra-fast speeds. The Touch ID fingerprint scanner allows users to make contactless payments through Apple Pay.

Available for R8499 in South Africa, the iPhone SE is also available on contract.

The iStore offers a payment plan of R396 per month for 24 months on the iStore Card. Other offers include an MTN contract for R299 per month for 36 months and a Telkom contract for R449 for 24 months.


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