Sage 50c – Integrated Software


Sage 50c – integrated software

In general, however, accounting services are mostly online, and they’ve benefited from the transition, thanks to their availability anywhere via the internet. Say bye-bye to the dark accounting ages and go digital already.

Although and understandably so, small business owners can fear these softwares and online tax solutions simply because they’re new to them. But small business owners could save themselves several hours of time wasted manually tallying numbers related to their income, expenses, cost of goods and much more, if only they’d overcome their fear of embracing the many available digital solutions specifically designed to simplify and speed up otherwise complicated tasks.

Just as is the case with Sage 50c, yes another accounting software programme to try out but what sets this one apart. Is that it’s the only desktop accounting software with anytime, anywhere cloud access, now with seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 to give you more freedom and flexibility in how you work.

What basically all that means is that it’s easy accounting for you to track expenses, send invoices, pay employees, manage inventory, receive payments, control cash flow and prepare taxes all in one easy place.

With Sage 50c the benefits are countless

◾Get organised – Save and retrieve all of your financial data.

◾Stay on budget – Know, at a glance, how much you’re spending, billing, and getting paid so you can stay cash flow positive.

◾And it offers a free trial, which means you can test drive this programme to see if it’s all the bells and whistles it claims to be.


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