Should vehicle insurance be compulsory?


Once you realise the benefits of car insurance you may see why vehicle insurance maybe a must to have. Car insurance is there so that you can protect yourself in case you’ve an accident. It not only protects you, but it also safeguards others that may be riding in your car. In addition, car insurance covers family members that may also drive the car. 

Therefore car insurance does not just protect you. If an accident occurs, the insurance covers you, your vehicle, and any other people that may have been involved, as the insured also has a legal liability towards third parties. It is protection from your car being exposed to loss, damage or any other potential liability. 

There are plenty motor insurance companies to compare that provide the best cover. As many companies in South Africa provide specific car insurance option for all types of drivers, providing coverage for their particular needs and requirements. 

If you still have a plan to be mobile in your car then, you should know that car insurance is a necessity, and not an optional extra. As unfortunately, insuring something expensive such as a car, especially a brand new luxury car that you still paying off comes at a price, but there are many ways that you lessen the burden through vehicle insurance. 

There are plenty options to choose and suit you. And there are different policies that you can purchase depending on what amount of coverage you want.


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