Tech Review: Debonairs Pizza App


So the other night I finally capitulated, gave in to my gastronomic cravings, and decided to order a pizza. At first I tried Scooters, because I know they home deliver, so I went onto my tablet to find the local branch number. It was almost 8 on a Sunday evening and I was not sure if they would still be taking orders. I phoned and got no response initially but then I got through eventually, and they said they only do cash sales. Being such a lazy git that I certainly did not want to order pizza and then get into my car and go get money to pay for it, I decided to try Debonairs instead, thinking they would have card facilities.
Lo and behold, when I went online to search for the number of my local branch, I found their app for ordering and paying for pizza. This is not revolutionary, but I thought it was cool because nobody else that I know of is doing it, at least not locally (though I could be wrong). I scanned the menu, ordered the pizza, chose the branch, and paid for it using the app. Fairly quick, quite easy. The ETA for food was about an hour, so I waited patiently.
After the hour was up I started panicking. Scam? Have I just given my credit card details away to some hacker in Detroit? I scanned the app again for the local branch number and gave them a call. Thankfully, they were still open. I enquired and said that the ETA had not been met. The lady on the other end apologised and said that heavy take-away orders resulted in the delay. At least my order wasn’t bogus, so I could expect my pizza.
The scooter hooted about 20 minutes later, and there it was, all ready to scoff!
Overall experience? Not bad… I prefer wood-fired pizza, but on occasion I can force myself to eat a triple decker laden with extra toppings and sauce. The Italians will scoff, but my tummy was satisfied.


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