Tips On Renewing Your Passport In South Africa


When most South Africans think of a visit to Home Affairs, the accompanying feeling of dread is often the factor that makes even the thought draining. Before even having to wait in the never-ending queue at Home Affairs offices, many South Africans are increasingly trying to find way to avoid this process.  

Vuyiswa is one of these people. As a young student about to go overseas for the first time, she has a renewal lined up. 

Thanks to technology, the process is slowly being improved. The system is improving step-by-step as more people use digital platforms that are available to fast-track this process. 

What you need to know about renewing your passport in South Africa: 

You’ll need your ID and your expired passport. There is a passport renewal fee that applies too. 

Home Affairs-enabled banks continue to make this process easier. Internet banking is required for this process. 

The first step when renewing your passport in South Africa is to register using the Home Affairs website.  

Vuyiswa must submit her application and to include supporting documents. 

Authorisation of the R400 payment is made by logging onto your online banking. This is the fee that is required for renewal. 

Vuyiswa’s biometrics will be captured at her bank or at Home Affairs. This includes her photograph, two thumbprints and signature. The process can take about 15 minutes. 

She’ll need to print her application for proof of submission and payment. 

An SMS will be sent to you when it’s time to collect within a few weeks. You may then collect it at the banks that are registered with Home Affairs for this process. 

Keep in mind that if you register and pay online, you can stand in the shorter queue once at Home Affairs. An additional benefit is that you can apply for your Smart I.D. at the same time. 


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