Uber Or Taxify: Who Is More Reliable?


Uber works via an application which you download onto your smartphone and then input your credit card details. You can hail an Uber taxi at any time of the day or night via the app. The fare is automatically deducted via the app which is often at a lower cost than metered taxis. 

The global disruptor has created a number of job opportunities worldwide, with numerous metered taxi drivers making the jump to Uber.  

In recent years, Taxify has emerged as Uber’s main competitor in the South African market.  

The question of who is more reliable has become even more important in recent times. With more consumers weighing their options in terms of deciding which service to use based on factors such as affordability and reliability, deciding between Uber or Taxify isn’t as simple as it was before. 

Both are e-hailing services. 
Taxify has also proven to be cheaper than Uber.

A 2017 My Broadband Comparison survey found that more users prefer Uber, with respondents voting 76% in favour of Uber and 24% in favour of Taxify. 

Pricing is based on a fee estimator. While Uber relies on surge pricing that applies when demand exceeds the supply of vehicles, Taxify has only recently applied this feature. Prices may also differ because coastal fuel prices are cheaper than in-land prices. To this end, Taxify is more reliable for longer trips. 

In terms of reliability, Uber is considered very reliable by many commuters and has larger vehicles for larger groups. In South Africa, Johannesburg is the most expensive city for e-hailing. 

Due to previous violence, hotspots may be an issue for pick-ups. There may be preferred pick-up locations. Taxify has introduced an in-app safety button.  

On the negative side, part of the reason that Taxify has received such negative feedback is due to numerous reports that have been made about its drivers. For example, the story about Taxify drivers being known to cancel trips is a common one. Some may accept the trip and not move towards the pick-up location. 

While there is room for improvement, the question of reliability between Uber or Taxify is an important one, that deserves attention. 


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