What Stores Accepts Bitcoin as Payment in South Africa


Bitcoin is the new form of currency that’s taking the world and South Africa (SA) by storm. It’s being used as regular money with people buying goods, clothes and paying for holidays using Bitcoin. More and more companies have started embracing Bitcoin as a form of payment, and South Africa is not standing by idly while this phenomenon is taking place! Bitcoin as a form of payment for products and services has grown, and merchants have an incentive to accept it because fees are lower than those typically imposed by credit card processors…

And unlike credit cards, any fees are paid by the purchaser, not the vendor. Also transactions cannot be reversed, so retailers no longer need to worry about credit card chargebacks. We have a look at what company accept payment in Bitcoin. Here’s a list of merchants in SA:


This online shopping is the biggest e-commerce retailer in SA. Takealot boasts of a large product variety that’s split into 23 departments. When paying with bitcoin on Takealot select instant EFT when you checkout to pay for your purchase with bitcoin.


Probably the most popular auction site in South Africa will gladly accept your payment in Bitcoin. A popular fav shopping destination for myself, BOB as they are know to users not only sells second hand goods, but also a lot of new stuff at bargain prices! From gardening equipment, to electronics to your ultimate single malt whisky, buy it on BOB and drop some Bitcoin in their purse to secure your goods.

Daddy’s Deals

This popular promotional and specials for the South African consumer site can hook you up with that quick break or well deserved holiday at a fraction of the normal price. Now you can also kick back for the weekend and pay your way with Bitcoin, awesome…

Nearly Every Vape Store Online

Since vaping has become the new craze as a hip new product, so have the stores adapted the latest technology like paying with Bitcoin. From what we can see, nearly every Vape store out there is now also accepting this crypto currency as payment. These stores include, VapesSA, Vape King, Vape Store, Vape Cartel, Vape Club and Twisp to just call on a couple.

Cape Coffee Beans

Cape Coffee Beans is an online store for the coffee lovers. This online shop is the answer to all your coffee needs.


Is the largest fashion online shopping club in South Africa. They offer up to 70% affordable designer’s brands that you’ve exclusive access to. The sales last for online a few days and the stock is limited, so you’ve to be early to get the best choices.

Earthchild Clothing

Is a proudly South African national retailer and design house that offers clothing that’s natural and made of organic cotton of the best quality and comfort.


This company is the biggest smart device repairers in SA. WeFix, formerly known as iFix, repairs and services all Apple products, some Samsung devices. And the devices range from iPods, iPhones, to Macs as well as Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Custom Candies

Is an online custom apparel and gifting shop offering easy, unlimited customisation of various products for the individual.

The Tea Merchant

Has been sourcing loose leaf tea, teapots, cups and accessories for over five years and supplying South Africans with the complete tea solution. Now you can shop online with your bitcoin and have it delivered direct to your door, nationwide.

Where do we think Bitcoin payment in SA is going?

I think it’s evident that Bitcoin is starting to get mass adoption from retailers online. Although this does not at this point in time include large retailers like Woolies or Pick n Pay, we think it’s well on its way to SA. We are waiting to hear what is going to come from the experiment with Luno Wallet and Pick n Pay that will make Bitcoin payment possible for the first time to such a large store… Let’s hold our thumbs and see what the future holds!


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