The 5 cheapest Home Automation .Gadgets to get


With the fast changes in technology, more people are opting to have Smart Homes. Home Automation is a trend set to affect more people on a global scale in coming years. With the internet of Things becoming much more realistic by the day, Home Automation may become more affordable for home owners.

With cheaper home automation gadgets available on the market, it essentially means that going Smart doesn’t have to mean going broke.

Home automation has been marketed as a way to simplify your life, but it’s more focused on having control over your home.

Why should you get home automation gadgets?

Home automation allows you to connect various parts of your smart home to a central control hub.

In South Africa, there are now more companies offering home automation solutions.

Here are some of the cheapest Home Automation gadgets to get:

Smaak Rechargeable Lightbulb

Available for R119 each, the Smaak Rechargeable Lightbulb comes with a 25 000 hour life span as well as a 1 year warranty.

When the electricity goes out, the battery will take over and keep the light powered.

August Smart Lock

For around R2000, the August Smart Lock is one of the cheapest Home Automation gadgets you can get. It’s a digital lock that allows users to grant access to their homes using a web or smartphone app. It can be easily fitted to existing deadbolt locks.

Foscam Wireless Security Camera

The 2MP, 1080p HD Foscam Wireless Security Camera retails for R2185 and allows users to access their security camera feed remotely. With an ultra-slim design, the camera is inconspicuous and has superior video quality.

Ring Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell

For R4599, you can buy this doorbell, which lets you answer the door from anywhere with your smartphone.

Sonos Connect

The device is compatible with the Smartthings Hub and is the best multi-room music system available. For R8990, you can get the Sonos, which fits into your favourite audio system.



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